Elv8 Recommended Reading - February 2018

You will find here great and useful articles I've collected during the month"

Dudi Levy

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Welcome to the first issue of my reading list

Here I will collect links to great and useful articles I’ve read during the month.
You can see this as my own “monthly favorites list”
Feel free to share your own on the comment section below and I will add it to the list!

Website Building

This month will be mostly dedicated to posts that helped me building this website.
When looking for specific solutions for adopting and running my website, I found out many useful resources I am happy to share with you.

Hugo Website SEO for Dummies (like me)

Very useful post with very simple and clear instructions for SEO dummies (like me).
Somehow, when discussion starts with the “web crawlers”, I find myself thinking about Yet to see there are actually any results from it, but it is a nice checkmark on my new site non-ending todo list.

Have an email for your own domain for free!

So here is a common issue I have. Now and them there come a need for a custom domain email. For this blog, for example, I need it to be able to send and get emails that make some sense to the readers. However, this is not my main email and usually you only get 1-3 emails per month. Available solutions are paying $5 per month for an email account (google apps etc.).
While for its own, its not a lot of money, when you combine it with all the other costs you need to operate it is getting considerable amount. And this is not to mention when you have multiple domains to handle.
No more complaining Mail Gun is to the rescue. It will allow you to add a custom domain email SMTP. It is indeed a greta solution for the 1 -2 emails you get and for the automatic emails you are sending. And the best part - it is actually very good API for app developers to send automatic emails from their app, so if you are on that space, you should defiantly consider them!

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